Kaleidos Research has a mission. We use our expertise and drive for excellent research to contribute to a more just and sustainable world.

Kaleidos Research answers your questions. We use a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods to answer your questions thoroughly.

Kaleidos Research inspires. We communicate our research results that reach all levels of society via the multimedia platform OneWorld. We organize expert meetings so professionals can discuss with one another about the research results.

Kaleidos Research advises. We advise our clients based on our research results, so they can make the necessary adjustments or changes within their organization or field work.

Kaleidos Research is a partner. We work closely with our clients to fully meet their informational needs.


  • Global Issues

    In a globalized world, issues such as climate change, food security, and migration cannot be addressed by individual countries. These are global issues that demand a cross-border approach and an international cooperation. Global issues are the major theme in the research of Kaleidos Research. For further information regarding this theme, please contact Edith van Ewijk or Gabi Spitz.

  • Global Citizenship

    How the Dutch work, consume, think, and how they interact with each other, influences the rest of the world. Kaleidos Research researches how the Dutch (young and old) and their everyday behavior (whether conscious or not) contributes to a better and sustainable living environment, here and there. Furthermore, Kaleidos Research evaluates projects part of the – either formally or informally – global citizenship education. For more information about global citizenship, please contact Christine Carabain or Lette Hogeling.

  • Sustainable Development

    While a large majority of the world population has the means to consume without limits, hundreds of millions of others continue to live in poverty. How do we find a balance between on the one hand, the need to consume and, on the other hand, nature and the environment, considering also the needs of future generations? We try and find out more about the role the government, companies, citizens and other social actors have on sustainable development. Contact Ries Kamphof or Gabi Spitz if you would like more information about sustainable development.

  • International Cooperation

    How do Dutch stakeholders on an international level deal with global issues such as climate change, poverty reduction, financial stability, scarcity of natural resources, energy security, security, and migration? Kaleidos Research analyzes international cooperation and policy issues in relation to these global issues. To find out more about international cooperation, please contact Gabi Spitz or Edith van Ewijk.


  • Evaluation Research

    For (international) customers, Kaleidos Research evaluates the impact and effectiveness of their interventions. Experts at the Kaleidos Research use baseline and follow-up measurements, including complex statistical analysis on large-scale data files, to conduct ‘evidence based’ qualitative evaluations. In addition, qualitative and participative methods such as the Most Significant Change method, interviews, or focus groups, give a greater insight into the processes. Contact Marije van Gent or Lette Hogeling for more information about evaluation research.

  • Policy Research

    Kaleidos Research researches Dutch and international policy with respect to sustainable development, and compares policy solutions with the opinions of the Dutch people. By combining different methods, the policy research contributes to making, evaluating, and adjusting the policy. Please contact Gabi Spitz or Ries Kamphof if you would like more information about policy research.

  • Opinion Research

    Kaleidos Research researches the thoughts, knowledge, and behavior of the Dutch in relation to global issues and international cooperation. This information is an indication of, among other things, public support for the policies. Our opinion research is not limited to these descriptive statistics. We believe the why is just as important: why do the Dutch act this way? And how can we stimulate sustainable behavior? Hence, not only describing, but also explaining! For more information about the opinion poll, please contact Evelien Boonstoppel or Christine Carabain.

  • Accessible Research

    Via oneworld.nl/research, Kaleidos Research makes (scientific) research accessible for a wider audience. In cooperation with the national media, research conducted by Kaleidos Research is brought to attention. Moreover, the research results are visualized with the use of animation films and infographics. We also stimulate the discussion among professionals by organizing expert meetings. Would you like to know more about how to make your own research more accessible, or what we can mean for you? Edith van Ewijk or Christine Carabain will gladly help you.


Evelien Boonstoppel (MSc, researcher). She researches what the Dutch believe and know about international issues and sustainable development. Based on quantitative data-analysis, she tries to explain sustainable behavior. She also maps out the area of support towards development cooperation.
Ritha van den Burg (Documentalist and designer). She works on the style and design of the publications of Kaleidos Research.
Dr. Christine Carabain (PhD, head of research). Her research focusses on global citizenship (education) and how the Dutch relate to global issues. She furthermore evaluates programs on development education and sustainability.
Dr. Edith van Ewijk (PhD, senior researcher). Her work focusses on global public goods, the sustainable development goals, global health issues, sexual and reproductive health, rights, and migration. She coordinates the research channel on the OneWorld website: www.oneworld.nl/research.
Marije van Gent (MSc, senior researcher). She is an expert in evaluation research of programs regarding sustainability and global issues. Besides that, she is involved with opinion research and research among the youth.
Ries Kamphof (LLM, MA, researcher). His expertise relates to issues of trade, raw materials, financing for development, climate change, sports and human rights. He is a qualitative researcher.
Timo Maas (Trainee researcher). His research focuses on global dimensions to sustainable development, centering on the various relations between environment, economy, and development.


Kaleidos Research collaborates with may different partners, for example OneWorld and SamSam, the Dutch government, as well as national and international research institutes such as the University of Tilburg, Clingendael, ECDPM, and the Catholic University of Leuven (HIVA). In our on-demand research we serve clients like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Dutch SRHR Alliance, Partos, Wilde Ganzen, Impulsis, Oxfam Novib, Cordaid, VNG International, VSO and Action Aid.


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Annualy, Kaleidos Research publishes more than twenty reports and factsheets. These publications can be downloaded in pdf format. Also animations and movies that are developped by Kaleidos Research can be viewed.