2013-Young people and the world 2013

Young people and the world 2013 – Summary

november 2013

In this publication, the focus is on (sustainable) behaviour and attitudes of Dutch youth with regard to worldwide issues and global interdependencies in 2013. By means of large-scale online survey research, the researchers provide insights in the extent to which Dutch youth aged 12 to 18 behaves as global citizens. In other words, is their behaviour sustainable with regard to nature and society? Do they feel responsible for solving global issues? Do they feel involved in issues that arise in other parts of the world, but that, on the long term, also affect Dutch society? And to what extent do young people in the Netherlands feel that people worldwide are equal? Global citizenship includes both social aspects of behaviour (volunteering, donating, attitudes towards development cooperation) as well as ecological aspects of behaviour (recycling, saving water and energy).