Small Business, Global Impact?

mei 2016

The Sustainable Development Goals are much more oriented towards the private sector than their predecessor, the Millennium Development Goals. The SDGs also came about through a rather inclusive process in which the private sector was consulted. Both the UN and the Dutch government expect the private sector – in all its diversity – to contribute to the SDGs. Nevertheless, the attention for the role of the private sector in the SDGs is heavily oriented towards multinational corporations. Notwithstanding the fact that the SDGs have only just recently been adopted, the Dutch initiatives that have taken root in the private sector seem to focus mostly on large businesses. SMEs, however, make up the large majority of the private sector and make up a huge share of the economy in the Netherlands, as well as in other countries. This report explores whether and, if so, how Dutch SMEs can┬ácontribute to the implementation of the SDGs.