Ready to change? European actors and their challenges in the 2030 Agenda

mei 2016

This Ready for Change publication is a broad collaboration between over forty organisations on the challenges in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in a fair and coherent manner.  Kaleidos Research contributed by writing Chapter 2 of this publication, which is titled ‘Ready to change? European actors and their challenges and opportunities of the 2030 Agenda’. The SDGs require a change of the European mindset in action both abroad and at home. The SDGs are no longer only part of the development discourse, like the Millennium Development Goals. In order to successfully implement the SDGs a broader recognition is needed and different sectors need to come together in a global partnership for development. Many actors in Europe can play a role in SDG implementation, from the public sector to the private sector as well as civil society organisations. It is a ‘shared responsibility’ between the EU and Member States. With the absence of legally binding targets it is a political choice to contribute to the goals. The Kaleidos Research chapter in the ‘Ready for Change’ publication gives an overview of the roles European actors can play and a comparative overview of EU Member States in SDG implementation.