2014-More or less Global Citizenship

More or less Global Citizenship? When Measuring becomes Learning

juni 2014

This report presents the results of a study conducted using the action research approach, in which four Dutch organisations involved in promoting global citizenship experimented with the use of qualitative research methods within their monitoring and evaluation cycles. The purpose was to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of their interventions. The methods tested included Most Significant Change. Kelly’s Repertory Grid analysis, focus group meetings and participative observation. The study was initiated by NCDO and was conducted between early 2013 and mid-2014. Based on the insights gained by the four participating organisations, this report reflects on the use of qualitative methods in the monitoring and evaluation of global citizenship interventions. Does the qualitative approach help to strengthen the learning culture and learning ability of the organisations? And does it serve to improve the monitoring and evaluation of global citizenship interventions?